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Chez Louis

Private circle for swingers and
couples seeking couples and more...


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Some comments from our couples with their permission.

Rick & Laureen
Albany (New York), U.S.A.
(January 2004)

Dear Louis and Michelle,

We wanted to thank you for including us in your New Year's Eve Party.
Thanks for being such terrific hosts!
We had a wonderful time and met some very nice people.

We hope that we will be able to visit you again sometime during the year.

Thanks again and best wishes for the New Year!

Bob & Tania
Albany (New York), U.S.A.
(September 2003)

Thank you for letting us attend your super sexy party get together the other night.
We had a wonderful time and met some very nice couples, members.

Good times, good people and lots of fun.

Thank you again and see you again in October.

Bob and Tania

Billy & Gina
Toronto, Canada
(January 2003)

Hi Michelle and Louis,

 We would like to thank you for your warm hospitality and all your kindness in allowing us to enjoy the pleasures of Chez Louis. We had a great evening and the next time that we are in Montreal we hope that you will extend to us an invitation to join you again.

 Our warmest regards,
 Billy and Gina

Caroline & Michael
(December 2002)

Dear Michelle and Louis,
My husband, Michael, and I attended your function last saturday night. We were first timers to this lifestyle, and were somewhat unsure as to what to expect.
From the minute we were greeted at the door, we felt welcomed..
As the evening progressed, we felt more comfortable and daring, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
The group of people there were wonderful, friendly and exciting...
The whole evening was one of the most erotic and sensous experiences we have ever had.
Michael and I can't wait to attend more of your parties in the near future.
Thanks for being such excellent hosts, and truly good people,
Caroline and Michael
ps. Can we be put on an upcoming events list?

Danny & Julia
Phiadelphia, U.S.A.
(October 2002)

Dear Michelle and Louis,
Just wanted to thank you for the fun party last Saturday night.
We are back in Philadelphia - BUT - we'll be back sometime!

thanks again it was SO fun!!!!

Danny & Julia

Diane & Mark
Boston, U.S.A.
(August 2002)

Dear Louis and Michelle,

Thank you for a wonderful evening. We had a great time, we met a wonderful couple, they were very helpful in anserwing all kinds of question, and made us feel right at home with the swing lifestyle. I look forward to another time. Thank you again and look foward to hearing from you in the future. 

Warmest Regards...

Chris & Jill
New York, U.S.A.
(December 2001)

Dear Louis and Michelle,

Just wanted to thank you both for a wonderful evening in Montreal. We had an absoultly wonderful time. The people you tabled us with were great and made us feel very welcome. We were glowing from our experience when the morning sun shown through the window. There is no comparison to the parties we have been to here. Your's was the best by far. If you were happy with our company, we would love to be regulars at your parties. You are wonderful hosts and your guests are the finest. Looking forward to hearing from you sonn and once again...thank you!

Chris and Jill                                                    

Jennifer & Burt
Vermont, U.S.A.
(May 2001)

Dear Michelle and Louis:

We were introduced to your party last Saturday by our friends, Bob and
Linda. Just wanted to send you a little note to let you know how much
we enjoyed spending the evening with you. It was a real eye opener for us
to find so many like minded people and found the evening thoroughly
exciting. We live about 30 minutes south of Burlington and
would enjoy the kind of high quality, discreet type of club as you
provide in Montreal.

Thanks again
Jennifer and Burt

Mark & Pam
Chicago, USA
(April 2001)

Thank you Louis and Michelle,
You're great hosts and we had a good time last week in Montreal.


Debbie & Gil
(March 2001)

we appreciated your sexy party dance last saturday.
Great and thanks again for your hospitality.

Barbara & Ken
(January 2001)

Thank you Louis & Michelle for your warm hospitality and
wonderful party.

Roy & Jennifer
Boston, USA
(December 2000)

Good times, good people and lots of fun.
Best wishes


John & Debra
Plattsburgh, USA
(June 2000)

Dear louis & Michelle,

We just wanted to thank you for letting us attend your Grand Prix get together the other night. We had a wonderful time and met some very nice couples. Please let us know what we would need to do to become members. Thank you again.

John & Debra

Phil & Anita
New Jersey, USA
(May 2000)

We will like to thank you, for being great hosts and for letting us take part in your party, we had a really good time and it was the highlite of our trip to Montreal. Next time we come to town we will give you a call.
Thank you again,
Your friends from N.J.

Ed & Kim
Ottawa, ON
(April 2000)

I just wanted to thank you for the Dance Saturday night.  We visited
from Ottawa with our friends, John and Debra, and we had a great time.
We look forward to visiting again soon.

Best regards,
Ed & Kim

Roger & Lina
Hull, Canada
(February 2000)

Hi Louis! My wife and I went to your last dance and found it was very professional and the people had lots of class. We are looking forward to going back in the futur. Keep up the good work.

Don & Vicky
Calgary, Alberta

Greetings! (Louis and Michelle)
A short note to say "THANK YOU!" for your generous hospitality this past week!

We will see you on our next visit!

Warm regards,

Don and Vicky xxx

Paul & Tina
Toronto, ON.

Hello Louis and Michelle,
We appreciated our experience at your lifestyle social club. Very great organization and nice people.

We love you.

Jack & Olivia
New York, NY.

Dear Louis & Michelle,
Fantastic evening at your club circle. Great, Great...and very nice people.We recommended your organization to all of our friends.

Sincerely, Jack & Olivia


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Discretion, Integrity, Respect and Confidentiality is our motto.

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