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Chez Louis International

Chez Louis

Private circle for swingers and
couples seeking couples and more...


General rules in effect in our activities

Our gathering dance parties are  for open minded people

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No translation or reproduction of this document, in whole or in part, by any mean, is allowed without prior written consent from Louis or Michelle at Chez Louis.
To be admitted in our sexy social dance parties...

First contact with us may be through e-mail, etc. OK.

But be aware that very soon along the process of accepting your application, a LIVE TELEPHONE CONVERSATION WITH BOTH PEOPLE OF YOUR COUPLE IS ONE ABSOLUTE MUST STEP.

This means that:
Both the man and the woman of a couple have to convince Chez Louis of his and her definite will to join our parties.

This, of course, always without any obligations.

And you never have to do anything you don't want to!

Rules at Chez Louis

In order to avoid unpleasant behaviour, we wish to state these simple rules, so everyone knows their rights and duties in our activities.

Our gathering dance parties are for open-minded people.

Only couples and bi-ladies accompanied by a couple are accepted.

Prostitution, drugs, business sollication, ill-mannered and violent behaviour, jealousness and alcohol abuse as well as all sorts of harassement are prohibited.

Address of party location and names and identity of our participants are kept strictly confidential.

Only pre-selected couples can be admitted at our circle's activities.

Members can suggest other couples as prospects to membership. To do this, fill in this form or contact us using any of the mean described on the info page.

Unsponsored couples may also apply, acceptance will be slightly different.

Don't forget to mention the best moment to reach you or the prospect, as well as any appropriate discretion mesures if any apply.

On reception of your informations, we will evaluate the application and response as soon as possible.

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